We have always had a fascination for the Hollywood stars in all their grace and beauty like Grace Kelly. Their looks, their dressing style, their makeup and pretty much everything else is of particular interest for us. Not just that but we also try to copy their looks as well. Don’t you wish you could rise one day and look like these iconic and gorgeous ladies of Hollywood? Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in here. We are going to help you in creating the looks of one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood. Don’t know whom we are talking about? Well, it would be no other than Grace Kelly. The Princess of Hollywood and then Monaco deserves the spotlight that she got due to her superb modeling and acting skills. No doubt her beauty was drop-dead gorgeous. So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create her looks and for once in your life, be as amazing and glamorous as she is? Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in here. Let us start up with getting to know a little bit about Grace Kelly.

Know A Little Bit About Grace Kelly

The amazing Hollywood star was born in Pennsylvania and was one of the most well-known actresses that Hollywood will ever see. The actress went on to partner with renowned director Alfred Hitchcock for many different films. She was also known as the Princess of Monaco when she got married to Prince Rainier III. The sophisticated beauty and grace that she had will never be forgotten by the people and that is for sure.

Well, now that you got to
know a little bit about Grace Kelly, let us see some of the amazing fashion
tips that would help you capture the looks and the appeal of the Hollywood
leading lady. Are you sure you are ready for something like that? If you are,
then let us get started.

Elegance And Beauty Of Grace Kelly

There is no doubt about
the fact that the beauty of Grace Kelly is unparalleled. Well, Alfred Hitchcock
once described her beauty to have a particular sexual elegance and that is
something that most actresses don’t have. She had a captivating quality and she
was quite mysterious in her looks as well. The actress was never poorly
dressed. The look of Grace Kelly can be described as proper, sophisticated, and
classy as well. She didn’t ever shock her audience with the biggest of the
trends and yet she managed to create something amazing with her look which was
definitely timeless for sure.

To this day, Grace Kelly
remains one of the classic standards of elegance and beauty. She is also the
inspiration for someone who wants to have a chic look put together. She was no
doubt a proper prince and her fashion was properly regal and nothing casual for
sure. The outfits that she wore were out of this world and looked gorgeous on
her for sure.

1. Show Business Chic

When it comes to looking
like Grace Kelly, there is no doubt about the fact that many women want to do
that. Well, the secret to it would definitely have to be the way she dresses.
Well, Grace Kelly was known for sporting some of the best and the finest of the
costumes and they were all acclaimed by some of the best designers as well. The
1950s formal outfit that she had is still considered to be one of the most
iconic looks of them all. If you want to make sure that you look like Grace
Kelly, then you need to know how to dress business chic. We are talking about
throwing coats in an ensemble and making it look gorgeous.

The white tie top along
with the black pencil skirt adds the perfect beauty and the Houndstooth coat
jacket along with Oxford boots is what you need to have.

2. Formula Look

When it comes to the 50s formula look that she had, it would be perfect for the ladies in the cooler regions but will also work for those who are in the relatively hotter locations as well. All you need to have is the amazing coat and skirt and you are all set for sure. Also, you can pair them up with a long-sleeved button down too. You can get a scarf necktie one for some additional flair. This is something that works all the time for sure.

3. Old School Glamour

There is no doubt about the fact that Grace Kelly was one of the famous Hollywood stars for sure. She certainly knew how to dress her part during the photo shoots and some other events as well. One of the best things about the actress was her silhouette which pretty impressed and modest as well. However, she was also very well known to have some flirty additions to the dresses such as off-shoulders and sometimes an open back as well. You might not be able to achieve the perfect Grace look if you are wearing a low-cut dress or a top. However, if you have a gorgeous neckline in your dress or some strapless ensemble, then you might just be able to capture the beauty of the actress for sure. 

4. Dress To Impress

When it came to the near
casual outfits that Grace Kelly had, there is no doubt that she looked regal
and fancy for sure. She always tended to enjoy having the perfect polished look
for sure. The day clothes that she had were always the perfect fit and there is
no doubt that they used to show off the amazing figure that she had as well.

She also kept the
accessories pretty simple. If you wish to look like her, then you need to know
how to play with the simple accessories such as bracelets and earrings.

So, there you have it,
ladies. These are some of the tips on how to look like Grace Kelly. We hope
that this article was a little help to you for sure.