I have a box of intriguing things located in vintage pockets and purses. I’ve under no circumstances located the elusive hundred dollar bill or diamond ring, but there have been lots of tickets, invitations, candies, notes and handkerchiefs…even a citation for prostitution! 

Final week, I located these in the pocket of a attractive 1970s Pendleton coat—

The date on that reduce appropriate coupon? 1979. (Just for exciting, I attempted to use the coupon at my regional Fred Meyer yesterday, and raised a minor ruckus!)


Just a couple of weeks prior to I came upon this groovy bag—

If you appear quite meticulously, you can see dated signatures on it. I’m picturing the finish of a higher college year and mates signing each and every other’s yearbooks—only in this case, it was her bag.

As did this hat—

This linen clutch bag is a veritable time capsule, with its contents dating from 1940 and 41. 

I want all vintage pieces had a date someplace on or with them!

Two vintage labels I have located to have dates at least for the duration of some years of their history are B.H. Wragge—


and Marimekko— 

Perhaps we must all attach a dated note to our preferred clothing—that, or leave a grocery retailer coupon in a pocket!