Monica Piekielniak is a fashionista with nous. She knows some of the ideal finds are tucked away on the rails in charity shops. Small did she guess that her newest discovery – a grey / taupe box jacket – would take her search for the label far away from Poland all the way to the UK:

“I purchased a jacket in the thriftshop in Poland with the tag of this enterprise. Everytime when I obtain any fascinating points I’m checking its worth, enterprise exactly where it comes from, cost in the on-line shop and so on,” she stated.

Located In a Polish Thrift Shop. An Elka Couture jacket. Image courtesy Monica Piekielniak.

“When I saw that in the net ain’t a lot informations about Elka Couture I became a lot more interested for the reason that I realised it is not a lot recognized enterprise as H&ampM or New Appear and so on and when I saw that it was functioning only in 1960s I was completely shocked.”

“It’s unbelievable that a jacket from 60’s in UK moves to 2015 in Poland!” she added.

Hanging in a Polish thrift shop, waiting for the right person to discover it. Image courtsey Monica Piekielniak.
Hanging in a Polish thrift shop, waiting for the suitable individual to find out it. Image courtsey Monica Piekielniak.

Considering the fact that she’s identified out a lot more about the Elka Couture brand she does not put on the jacket, maintaining it as an “interesting item” in her wardrobe.

How the jacket ended up in Poland will often stay a mystery. If any Polish readers know who owned the jacket, post a comment right here to let us know!

The box jacket from the back. Image courtsey Monica Piekielniak.
The box jacket from the back. Image courtsey Monica Piekielniak.

Most Elka Couture products are not as nicely travelled as Monica’s and are identified closer to household. Ray Gumbley, photographer, functions for the charity Age UK:

“Yesterday I was out seeking for a black vintage dress for a model to put on in some photographs I’m performing. I was seeking up the name of the label when I came across your web site. Its a extended black dress with sequins about the  chest inside the label reads ELKA Couture.”

When asked what he was preparing on performing with his new couture obtain he stated:

“I’m not positive what I’m going to do with the dress but. I will almost certainly attempt and auction it or place it in 1 of our charity shops (I perform for Age UK Derby and Derbyshire) to raise some funds for Age UK or do what I generally do and hoard it and maintaining swopping it for one more dress lol.”

We’d really like to know what your choice was, Ray and if you have some photographs from portraits you took, go ahead post the hyperlink to them right here.

Jacqui Taylor is the proud owner of an electric blue textured synthetic dress suit created by Elka Couture. It was developed in a twin-set style that was pretty trendy in the 1960s and 1970s.

Elka Couture 1960s or 1970s Suit Jacket. Image Courtesy Jacqui Taylor.
Elka Couture 1960s or 1970s Suit Jacket. Image Courtesy Jacqui Taylor.

“I purchased the suit for £55 from an antique/vintage shop in Camden Market  the year prior to the fire there. I have only ever attempted in on, never ever worn it, just coveted it!”

Thank goodness it survived the fire, Jacqui.

“No, there are no washing guidelines on the dress or coat,” she added.

Elka Couture Dress Suit Jacket. Image Courtesy Jacqui Taylor.
Elka Couture Dress Suit Jacket. Image Courtesy Jacqui Taylor.

How can you date this beautiful outfit?

A law was passed in Britain in 1986 to insert fabric care labels – or laundry symbols – into all garments created in the UK. In between 1963 and 1986 the common washing machine and temperature symbols that are so familiar to us nowadays have been sewn much less regularly into garments and have been not integrated at all prior to the 1960s.

Jaqui’s outfit had no such labelling. That, the synthetic textured fabric and the style assists to date it to the 60s or 70s. What a gorgeous eye catching outfit with more than 40 years of history behind it.

Monika all the way from Poland, asks the six million dollar query – or should really that be Euros &#x1f609

“I’m interested if Elka Couture was a lot recognized enterprise in UK? Was they promoting haute couture garments …as its name suggests or it was some thing like the entire network of shops, or the only 1 in Hull?

“I also identified the web site of Hull Museum when I saw that they also gather Elka Couture garments, then why they are so critical?”

Nicely, Monika. I’ll attempt to give you an answer:

Elka Couture was a label that was primarily based in London in the UK. It developed fashions mostly among the 1960s and the 1970s. Its styles have been often eye catching and made use of 60s or 70s synthetic fabrics that have been in some cases bold, in some cases glamorous and often one of a kind.

Your jacket is uncommon for the reason that it is created of organic fabric – cotton.

The early Elka Couture label on Jacqi Taylor's dress suit jacket.
The early Elka Couture label on Jacqi Taylor’s dress suit jacket.

Elka Couture styles attain across the years because to attract men and women like you when you obtain them in the rails of charity shops, in auction  homes or in vintage markets.

A maxi dress with the Elka Couture label was donated to Hull Museum because the label was sold at the Residence Of Mirelle – and that is exactly where your search began.

Adhere to me right here as I weblog a lot more about Elka Couture, Hull vintage style and the Residence Of Mirelle.

If you have an Elka Couture item take excellent care of it, it is a portion of British style history..

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