If you haven’t been but and you adore 1930s style – you require to go. The present exhibition at The Style &amp Textile Museum (83 Bermondsey Street, London) is simply astonishing. I was in style heaven.

The 1930s is my all time favourite decade for style and style. It has been due to the fact i was a youngster and led me to the ultimate conclusion that i was likely born in the incorrect era and incorrect class! There is a thing dreamy about the decade – this was of course the time when Hollywood films had been at their height and portrayed a globe developed to distract from the depression. Would we all adore to dress for breakfast, alter for afternoon tea and then don a fabulous evening gown for dinner with the nearby elite &#x1f609 Of course this wasn’t reality but Im confident we all have been extra than content to take component in the imagination at instances! Fashion, as normally, reflected this dream state. The era of the Bias reduce, sumptuous fabrics, chic style – lengthy and sophisticated dresses reduce in increasingly intricate strategies.

I adore this museum and went to see the 1920s style exhibition a year preceding. My expectations had been higher but i wasn’t disappointed. We had been presented with an awesome array of exquisite 1930s evening gowns arranged by colour – beginning with black and white, into reds and jewel colours then to the pales and lastly settling on a scrumptious collection of metallic fabric evening put on too…. I seriously enjoyed how the garments had been displayed and it really created you really feel emmersed in a globe of cocktail parties and upmarket soirees! My favourite dress of all time is pictured on the left below – a divine chartreuse green floor length gown with bias reduce panels (see the faint stripe via the fabric…) swoon!

screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-38-26 screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-38-32 screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-38-40

Daywear was similarly arranged into colour and featured some awesome art deco prints and accessories. Of course there had been beach pyjamas and sportswear sets which had been just becoming common and accepted in the 1930s. Tea dresses in stunning prints and in several colours. Afternoon dresses in delicate pastel prints with the iconic accented shoulders. Suits and sensible daywear – similarly sophisticated and beautifully developed.

screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-42-27 screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-42-34 screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-42-41

Then there had been the accessories….Belts and buckles (i will be sharing some thrilling news on buckles quickly), hats, jewellery.

The exhibition culminated in a collection of 30 Cecil Beaton photographs. He, along with John French and Lee Miller, is a single of my all time favourite photographers. What a treat!

screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-52-14 screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-52-23 screenshot-2018-11-08-at-09-52-29

Sadly i only had an hour or two but we could have stayed there all day. Do not even get me began on the shop!!!

The exhibition is on till January 20th 2019 – information right here: https://www.ftmlondon.org

An important check out for any 1930s style fan.

foxylady November 8th, 2018

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